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IDF Uniforms Stopped from being Smuggled into Gaza

Israeli border officials prevented a shipment of IDF uniforms from being smuggled into the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom border crossing Tuesday.

The clothes, found in the back of a truck, included dress uniforms and battle fatigues, fleeces, hats, bags and belts.

The uniforms bore the insignia of IDF units.

Officials suspect the uniforms were meant to be used as part of an attack against Israel by Gazan terror groups.

Tuesday’s discovery is the latest action by customs inspectors to thwart the Hamas terror group, which controls the Gaza Strip, in its goal of obtaining weapons and military gear.

Last month a shipment of uniforms from China was confiscated at the Kerem Shalom border crossing.

Israel says the blockade it imposed on the coastal enclave a decade ago, after Hamas seized power, is necessary to prevent the terror group from smuggling in weapons to Gaza or the materials need to make them.

During 2014’s Operation Protective Edge war between Israel and Gaza, Hamas operatives launched a number of attacks against the IDF while wearing Israeli uniforms.

Emerging from terror tunnels dug under the border, the Hamas operatives were able to use the element of surprise and confusion to attack and kill Israeli soldiers.

Ariticle Published on Times of Israel

Photo Credit: Defense Ministry

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