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Israel Advocacy Trip

Every August CUFI on Campus embarks on the Annual Israel Advocacy Mission Trip with 36 student leaders from around the country, lead by the Campus Staff. The trip provided a phenomenal opportunity for students to gain a first hand encounter with the land of the Bible. This year’s trip included students from diverse backgrounds and various influential leaders on-campus from Student Government, College Athletes and noted Musicians.

The trip’s itinerary was fully packed with the goal of covering as much ground as possible. Students had a unique opportunity to breath the heart and soul of the land. Meeting with key Israeli opinion leaders, military officials, media experts and, connecting with everyday Israeli citizens. Students also had the chance to experience a few of the most revered sights for Christians and Jews such as the Garden Tomb, the Western Wall, the Mount of Beatitudes, the Sea of Galilee and the world renowned Holocaust museum Yad Vashem to name few.

Students have expressed how the Israel trip has forever changed their lives. For many it is a dream come true. They leave with a deeper understanding of Israel and a greater sense of complexities affecting the region. They become armed with the facts strategies and tactics needed to defend the Jewish state on campus


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