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CUFI Summit

CUFI on Campus student leaders are gearing up to start the beginning of a new school year on the heels of what has been a very successful summer.

We train our CUFI on Campus students during the summer to ensure they return to campus ready to effectively advocate for Israel.

The CUFI Summit offers one of our most impactful trainings, the CUFI on Campus Advocacy Day. This year we hosted our largest, and most diverse, group of student leaders. The over 500 student leaders who attended the CUFI on Campus Advocacy Day learned about the Iran Deal from policy experts, how to defend Israel on campus from the CUFI on Campus staff and how to combat BDS from CUFI on Campus alumni who successfully contested BDS on their campuses.

This year the students played a significant role as they led many of the lobbying appointments on Capitol Hill. Students proved to be competent, poised, and articulate when presenting talking points to persuade members of Congress to black the Iran deal. These students are not waiting until tomorrow to lead, but are stepping up to take the lead today.

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