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CUFI's The Israel Course is a 20-lesson curriculum, with both a student book and teacher's guide available, designed for the high school classroom.

Perfect for private Christian high schools, homeschool families or co-ops, church youth groups, or as a powerful tool to educate the high school student in your home, this unparalleled resource provides students with the information they need as Christians to better understand the biblical, political, historical, and moral necessity to stand with Israel and the Jewish people.

CUFI's The Israel Course for high school:

  • Student book & Teacher's Guide available

  • Engaging and relevant multi-media content

  • Videos, articles, exclusive CUFI educational tools, prayer points & discussion questions

  • Accompanying Prezi presentations to make the lessons come to life

  • Opportunities for network-wide lessons and exclusive speakers via Zoom

To learn more about using The Israel Course in a high school setting and to order the curriculum, email or schedule a call with Connie by clicking the button below.


As antisemitism rises worldwide, Holocaust denial and ignorance about the world's worst genocide are also increasing. The importance of educating the next generation on this chapter of world history becomes more crucial with each passing day. For a high school student or teacher. Holocaust education can be overwhelming and finding Holocaust education created by and for Christians is difficult.

As one solution to this problem, CUFI has created a groundbreaking Holocaust educational resource based on the life of Holocaust survivor Irving Roth. The Irving Roth Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for high school students to touch, hear, and interact with true stories from Irving's life and experiences so they can internalize what happened and be a part of ensuring this atrocity never occurs again.

Materials include:

  • Irving Roth's book, Bondi's Brother

  • Six incremental online lessons

  • Six immersive packets

  • Zoom events and exclusive speakers

Through the immersive packets, students will have the opportunity to examine reproductions of historical items from Holocaust survivors, soldiers, and even rescuers. Students will see and touch documents, personal letters, and family photos that help immerse them in Holocaust history and connect to the events on a personal level.

This one-of-a-kind journey back in time will lead students to the present day and help them recognize and act when they encounter antisemitism.

To learn more about using The Irving Roth Fellowship in a high school setting and to order the curriculum, email or schedule a call with Connie by clicking the button below.


When you facilitate The Israel Course or The Irving Roth Fellowship with your high school students, you are equipping them with the knowledge of why it is important to support Israel as a Christian. You are shaping the future of American pro-Israel support.

In CUFI, high school educators are valued, recognized, appreciated, prepared, empowered, and supported!

We will support you with:

  • Educator Chaperone Scholarships for access to the CUFI National Summit

  • Facilitator training opportunities

  • Community-building opportunities to meet and network with other educators across the nation

  • Certificates, recognition awards, and more

We truly appreciate high school educators who partner with us to teach their students about Israel-related topics, and we are committed to investing in the development and success of these educators.

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