For centuries, the Jewish people have lived by Tikkun Olam, "to repair the world", and the Jewish state leads the way when it comes to humanitarian aid for the hurting peoples of the world. 

The CUFI on Campus "Only Love" campaign is designed to raise awareness of Israel's commitment to Tikkun Olam and to make a real-world impact by joining with one of the many amazing efforts Israelis make to repair the world. 

For the entire month of February, 2017, CUFI on Campus chapters across the nation will be partnering with an Israeli medical non-profit that brings children from all over the Middle East, Africa and beyond to Israel to preform life saving heart surgery that their families cannot afford. This organization is based in Holon, Israel and is called Save a Child's Heart. 

All the information for this initiative will be found in a private facebook page.

To sign up to be apart of the hub for this incredible initiative, sign up below:

PO BOX 1307 San Antonio, TX 78295-1307