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Lesson 1

The Palestinians’ Plight: Their True Oppressors

We are calling on the Palestinian Leadership to STOP their abuses of their own people. The Palestinian people are indeed oppressed but not by Israel as the media and those who hate the Jewish state would like you to believe.

Rather, the Palestinians are subject to tragic living conditions, their basic human rights often denied, and their children indoctrinated to terror by their own leadership: Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

CUFI on Campus students are speaking out about these abuses in a campaign asking the Palestinian Leadership to STOP. In Hamas-run Gaza, women are at best second-class citizens, and converts to Christianity face the death penalty. Meanwhile, in the West Bank, Christians are treated as second-class citizens and women’s and minority rights are almost nonexistent.

The Palestinian Authority’s regular TV programming for children incites them to terror, praising terrorists as “martyrs,” demonizing Jews, and encouraging children to become terrorists. Children’s school textbooks curated by the PA are no better.

Overwhelmingly, the evidence reveals that there is no real freedom of the press in Palestinian-controlled territories where journalists are regularly detained, imprisoned, and tortured for their writing. These abuses and many more are inflicted on the Palestinian people by their own leadership.


To learn more on this important topic, read the CUFI Primer The Palestinians’ Plight: Their True Oppressors.

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