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This page will provide you with information regarding your travel to and from San Antonio International Airport and the SALT Conference. If you need additional information, please contact CUFI on Campus' Executive Assistant, Laura Villanueva via call or text.

Before you scroll any further, add these numbers to your phone in case of an emergencyFrosch Travel (during office hours): 1-888-976-2810
Emergency After Hours: 1-866-376-7241
Laura Villanueva: 215-208-3269

Before you Take Off

Shuttle Information

Return back Home


Before you take off

All flights must be booked through CUFI's travel agency, Frosch Travel. Once your flight is booked you will see an email from Frosch and from the CUFI on Campus office with your final flight information, including your confirmation numbers for check-in. If you have any questions, please contact CUFI on Campus' Executive Assistant, Laura Villanueva.

We recommend 24 hours before your scheduled take-off time you check in for your flight. You can either print out your boarding pass or you can download a QR code to keep on your phone. Sometimes downloading your airline's app may be the best way so you can get notifications about gate changes and take-off times without having to look up your flight. If you need your flight itinerary to be resent, please contact CUFI on Campus' Executive Assistant, Laura Villanueva.

Once you check-in, if you have not done so already, we recommend you research your airline's luggage policy. Reminder, CUFI does not cover the cost of your luggage and additional upgrades. Some airlines charge for checked or even carry-on luggage but thankfully some airlines give you a discount if you pre-pay for your luggage, which is why we suggest doing this before checking in.

Select your airline below to learn about their luggage fees. Please check your airline regarding what COVID-19 requirements and procedures are in place. 

Take Off
United Airlines.JPG

Day of Travel Tips: Before you leave home, we recommend you verify you have your government-valid ID for airport security along with your luggage and other personal items. We also strongly recommend you arrive at the airport within two hours of your flight. This designated weekend will be a busy one as people are returning from vacations and back to school. Once you get there, get on that plane and we will see you in San Antonio! 

Important: If your connecting flight gets canceled, follow these instructions: Go to a gate within your terminal to talk with an agent (Tip: Sometimes an agent further away from your gate has fewer people and you're assisted faster). As you wait to be assisted, call Frosch (see numbers above) to see if they can assist you with the next flight to San Antonio. Once you are rebooked, contact CUFI on Campus' Executive Assistant, Laura Villanueva, via text (see cell number above) and inform her of your new arrival time. 

Shuttle Infomation

Shuttle Information

CUFI will provide a free airport shuttle service upon your arrival. Shuttles will be on a 30-45 minute rotation cycle beginning at 11:00 am-5:30 pm. If you are delayed and will arrive outside of this range, please notify Laura Villanueva about your delay and again once you land so she can arrange transportation. 

Images and details of the shuttles will be provided closer to the event.

Shuttle Pick Up Location

The shuttles will be stagged outside of Terminal B across the walkway. See the image below to have a better understanding of where the shuttles will pick up. If you are in Terminal A (Airlines: Southwest and Delta) you can get to Terminal B by either walking through the hallway inside the airport or you can walk outside to get to Terminal B. There are markings on the pillars outside to tell you which Terminal you are in. 

Remember: Shuttles will be on a rotation cycle, there may be times when a shuttle is not sitting at the pick-up spot. 

Once you are on the shuttle, it will be approximately a 20-30 minute ride to the hotel. They will drop you off outside of where our registration will be located inside the Embassy Suites. If you arrive before 4 PM we will have a room for you to store your luggage until your room is ready.

High School Students: Once you arrive, you will have an opportunity to meet your chaperone and meet with your group. 

Shuttle Pick Up Location.png

Return Back Home

Beginning Saturday, CUFI on Campus will begin encouraging attendees to check in for their flight back home. Due to weather, there may be alterations or delays. CUFI on Campus works tightly with Frosch Travel and airlines to make sure our students get home safely. We ask that students call Frosch if their flight gets canceled immediately. Their after-hours emergency team can be reached at 1-866-376-7241.


Airport shuttles will be available for students departing the student hotel once programming is complete.

In the case that a flight is canceled and delayed to the following day, CUFI will ensure that each student has a place to sleep, food to eat, and transportation to the airport. 

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