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If you are looking for engaging topics to base your next CUFI on Campus chapter meeting on, and need a resource to help educate yourself with foundational material for a Christian supporter of Israel, then the Nehemiah Generation Small Group studies are built just for you!


CUFI has developed a series of studies that address hot topic issues concerning the role of Christians in supporting Israel. These interactive multimedia studies are designed to give you everything you need to educate yourself and your CUFI on Campus chapter on essential issues and talking points for Christian Zionists.


Through engaging educational content and discussion questions, these studies are a fun way to generate conversation and learn more on key issues.


You will understand your role in being a part of the Nehemiah Generation, and how you can Pray, Petition and Protect on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people.


With topics like:


They Called Him Rabbi: The Jewishness of Jesus

What is BDS?

The Church and Israel

Why Does Israel Have Enemies? and several more, you will be equipped to defend and support Israel as an informed and active Christian.


See below and start learning more today!