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Shine the Light

CUFI on Campus Antisemitism Awareness Campaign

Mission Statement: To empower CUFI on Campus students to actively combat antisemitism in all its forms in partnership with the Jewish Community.


  1. Educate on how antisemitism appears throughout history.

  2. Convey that anti-Zionism is antisemitism. 

  3. Motivate students across America to stand against antisemitism by signing the Shine the Light pledge cards. 

  4. Grow each CUFI on Campus chapter's partnership with the Jewish community and amplify Jewish voices on campuses around America.

Theme: Shine the Light 

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” 

– John 1:5

This campaign can be used year-round! However, we emphasize it in March to actively combat Apartheid Week – a propaganda campaign held by Students for Justice in Palestine chapters who seek to vilify, misrepresent and demonize the state of Israel.

Campaign Instructions

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  1. Call your Regional Coordinator to help identify what the best fit is for your campus.

  2. Reach out to the Jewish community on your campus by using our template outreach email. Listen and ask questions. See what they want to be communicated on campus, show them our resources, and see how you can coalition with them to Shine the Light.

    1. If you do not have a Jewish community on your campus, call your coordinator and brainstorm the main things that need to be addressed/discussed on your campus.

  3. Choose your activism options for the week/month:

    1. CUFI on Campus Shine the Light Tabling Packet: This packet will provide you with everything you need to shine the light against antisemitism. Keep reading to see the included free materials!

    2. Event Collaborations with the Jewish Community:

      1. Israeli Cultural Day: Celebrate Israel without having to worry about politics! Show your campus how Israel is an integral part of Jewish culture. Make it a party on the quad with all kinds of festivities: from dancing to Israeli music to showcasing Israeli food to hosting a fun Israel trivia game.

      2. Shabbat Dinner: Grow your understanding of Jewish culture by attending a Shabbat dinner on campus. Bring your friends and learn from the Jewish community about the history and practices behind the Sabbath. After all, who doesn't want a free meal?

      3. Spread Cream Cheese, not Hate: This event was created by students in Hillel and therefore should always be partnered with them. This is a brilliant tabling campaign designed to combat antisemitism by offering students bagels and cream cheese if they sign a pledge card.

      4. Holocaust Memorial Day: This is a sobering but important event. Educate your community about the Holocaust by having a commemoration day, Memorial Day, and/or a name reading day. Let the Jewish community lead the tone and structure of this event as it can be a very difficult topic for many in their community.

      5. Student Panel: Create a student panel where Jewish students and, potentially, CUFI students can share their personal experiences with antisemitism on campus. A story is far more impactful than statistics, so help your campus understand what antisemitism looks like today through story-form. Work with your coordinator on the logistics of how to set up this event.

    3. Events on your own:

      1. Never Again Viewing: Host a viewing of CUFI's documentary Never Again. Let this sobering movie teach your student body about the horrors of the Holocaust and what antisemitism looks like today. End with a discussion about the movie and any new insights that students received while watching the film.

      2. Coffee Corner: A campaign on antisemitism can raise a lot of questions and students might want to process them with someone. We recommend you advertise that you'll end your campaign by reserving a corner in the coffee shop on campus where students can stop by and ask questions or process thoughts. Can't reserve a spot in your coffee shop? No problem. Create your coffee corner by grabbing a few extra chairs, placing them by your table, and handing out free coffee to those who walk by your table. 

  4. Order your CUFI on Campus Shine the Light Tabling Pack. In it you'll receive:

    1. A comprehensive flyer on antisemitism. This will cover everything from the definition of antisemitism, antisemitism historically, and anti-Zionism today.

    2. A pledge card table stand pledging to combat antisemitism on your campus.

    3. Fillable pledge card sign-up sheets.

    4. An IHRA pamphlet.

    5. A poster sign with the campaign theme: Shine the Light. Wave it around and bring people over to your table!

    6. Fun SWAG items to attract people to your table!

  5. Follow the link below to find all the Social Media posts for this campaign and post away!  Here you'll find:

    1. A Shine the Light theme post.

    2. A carousel of up-to-date statistics on antisemitism.

    3. A post of the Shine the Light pledge card.

  6. Follow the link below to find additional online resources

    1. A QR table sign for your peers to complete a quiz if they can identify antisemitism.

    2. Printable handout and instructions for the Candy Definitions Game.

  7. Secure the venue(s) you'll need for your event(s):

    1. Book all rooms you'll need for the week.

    2. Reserve a table for every day planned during the week/month.

  8. Invite!

    1. Print your event flyers for the week/month and post them around campus.

    2. Make sure to have your flyers whenever you table so that you can invite students to your future events that week/month.

    3. Promote on social media.

    4. Reach out to other like-minded clubs and invite them to come by your table and attend your events.

Email Template

Download a template email to connect with other clubs!

Social Media Resources

Download social media images and create fact stunning posts.

Printable Instructions

Download the instructions and checklist for this campaign here!

Resources Download

Download some printable materials for this campaign

Pledge Card

Download a printable version of the pledge card sign up sheet!

Request Materials

Click here to request materials for this campaign!

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