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Prayer Vigil Ideas

Remember that you are leading the event. The leadership you invite are your guests. Make sure to thank them. If you follow the event template, you will be able to control the flow of the event and ensure it stays focused on the prayer points listed. When you meet with those who will be praying, at the vigil, make sure to clearly articulate their role to them.  (i.e. Pastor John, when I invite you to pray, will you pray for peace for the victims' families?)

If anyone tries to take over the event with their own agenda, politely remind them that this is a time for prayer and that political discussion can be had later, one-on-one.


Thank everyone for coming.

Introduce yourself and your CUFI group.

Invite attendees who haven't yet signed the pledge to do so.

Prayer Points (assign one or more to each person you choose to lead a prayer)

  • Thank God for our freedom to assemble together as Christians

  • Ask Him for pure and attentive hearts as we prayer together

  • Safety of Christians in the Middle East

  • For children separated from their families

  • For Christians in hiding

  • For those left homeless

  • For those of other faiths that have blessed and protected Christians.

  • For America's political leadership

  • Unity among Christians worldwide

  • Safety and wisdom for persecuted Christian leadership

  • For heightened media awareness

  • For heightened awareness among American church leadership

In addition to assigning a Prayer Point to your prayer leaders, distribute one of each of the included Prayer Cards to your participants. Have them read the name aloud, then have the person to their right read the next name, and so on, while the rest of the group agrees quietly in prayer.j

Closing Remarks

Thank everyone for coming

Invite them to participate in your CUFI Chapter's events and meetings